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I was born and raised in one of the busiest and most polluted cities in India. Gardening for us was limited to growing some indoor plants. I was never a fan of insects or other wildlife around me. But, I always enjoyed watching flowers bloom and felt amazed by the plants laden with fresh vegetables or fruits whenever I visited our village.

Now when I look back in time, I see a drastic transition in me both physical and mental. I didn’t even realize when my curiosity in gardening became a hobby, then transitioned into my passion and finally, I feel so eager to make my passion my full-time commitment. Over this last year, when the pandemic posed a great challenge for all of us, my beloved plants have kept me strong through this difficult time. Not only, they made me at least partially self-sufficient but also taught me to feel grateful for the small things in life. Today, I grow my vegetables, fruits, and even most of my ornamental plants only organically. Composting doesn’t cause me any apprehension anymore. The pests still continue to annoy me but I’m building a strong army of beneficial insects that continue to make me proud. I continue to experiment with various Integrated Pest Management Techniques. And most importantly, as I’m getting obsessed with organic gardening, not just me but my entire family has become more health-conscious. 

Now, I feel ready to share my experiences with you all. Together we can do our small part to make our community a better place for all forms of life. You can learn from my mistakes and successes in growing plants, learn the interesting history of plants, explore nature, and learn some authentic recipes that I have learned from my mother, grandmother and amazing ladies from my family. 

So why wait? Let’s do this journey together and grow some happiness in our gardens!

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